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DevStream PMC Guide

The DevStream PMC

The DevStream project management committee (PMC) is a committee with responsibility and governance for DevStream's top-level projects.

While committers on the project can update the code, only the PMC has the authority to vote on formal releases of the project's software.

The PMC is also responsible for voting in new committers and PMC members to the project.

PMC Chair

Every PMC has a Chairperson, and so does DevStream PMC. The Chair is the interface of the project.

The term period of the PMC Chair is one year (maximum). The same person can take the Chair position multiple terms in a row. PMC members can ask for a vote before the end of the term period, and the Chair can quit the position voluntarily.

If the PMC wishes to change the Chair, a vote should be held, or a consensus should be reached within the PMC about who the new Chair should be.

If the Chair candidate has more than half of the votes, they become the new Chair.

PMC Member

A PMC member is a committer who was elected due to merit for the evolution of the project.

They have write access to the code repository, the right to vote on community-related decisions, and the right to propose other active contributors as committers.

The PMC is the entity that controls the project, nobody else. In particular, the PMC must vote to approve any formal release of their project's software products.


All PMC members, including the Chair, should participate actively in discussions related to the DevStream project and make non-code contributions such as PR/marketing for the project, community building, and documentation/blog.

Optional conditions are as follows:

  • give at least one public DevStream-related talk/speech at conferences, or publish more than 5 DevStream-related blogs;
  • no less than 100 commits or no less than 10,000 lines of code to the DevStream main project;
  • familiar with the market positioning, short/long term roadmap, and core module logic;
  • lead the implementation of DevStream in your own team/company.

Add a PMC Member

Adding a PMC member requires sending a notice to the PMC of the vote to add someone. The PMC Chair or any other PMC member can send this notification.

Since the PMC isn't a big organization, the nominated candidate must be voted in favor by all current PMC members.

To formally add the candidate to the PMC, the PMC Chair needs to invite the new PMC member formally.