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Development Workflow with Git

This document shows the workflow of how to develop DevStream with Git.

Step 1 - Fork the repo

  1. Visit the DevStream repo:;
  2. Click the Fork button to create a fork of the DevStream.

Step 2 - Clone the repo

  1. Define some basic environment variables

Please set the appropriate values according to your actual environment.

export WORKING_PATH="~/gocode"
export USER="daniel-hutao"
export PROJECT="devstream"
export ORG="devstream-io"
  1. Create your clone locally
mkdir -p ${WORKING_PATH}
# You can also use the url:${USER}/${PROJECT}.git
# if your ssh configuration is proper
git clone${USER}/${PROJECT}.git

git remote add upstream${ORG}/${PROJECT}.git
# Never push to upstream locally
git remote set-url --push upstream no_push
  1. Confirm the remotes you've set is make sense

Execute git remote -v and you'll see output like below:

origin (fetch)
origin (push)
upstream (fetch)
upstream    no_push (push)

Step 3 - Keep your branch in sync

You will often need to update your local code to keep in sync with upstream

git fetch upstream
git checkout main
git rebase upstream/main

Step 4 - Coding

First, you need to pull a new branch, the name is according to your own taste.

git checkout -b feat-xxx

Then start coding.

Step 5 - Commit & Push

git add <file>
git commit -s -m "some description here"
git push -f origin feat-xxx

Then you can create a pr on GitHub.