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Creating a Documentation for DevStream


  1. We use readthedocs to host our documentation. You do not need to know too much more about it in order to create a doc for DevStream, though.
  2. Readthedocs supports both sphinx and mkdocs to build the doc site; we use mkdocs at the moment. If you meet any issues, the official doc of mkdocs here is a good place to start.
  3. In our mkdocs setup, we use the material theme. More info on "material":
  4. We also use two plugins for mkdocs:


  • Python3 (mkdocs is a Python thing)
  • pip3 (to install dependencies)

Suggested setup for macOS users:

Docs Root

The root folder of mkdocs is at /.

The main config is /mkdocs.yml, and the docs folder is /docs.

i18n (Internationalization)

Currently, we support two languages: - en - zh

It's worth noting that the "search" function doesn't work for "zh" (a limitation of mkdocs' search function.)

For each English document, there is a Chinese translation in a separate file.

If the English document's filename is, there should also be a file named To create a Chinese translation, put the translation into This file is the translation of (English).

Create a New Documentation

To create new documentation, do the following:

  • Create and in the /docs folder. You can put them under a subfolder if necessary. Refer to the current directory structure and use your best judgment to decide the best place for that new doc.
  • Write the content of the doc. You can choose to write only the English doc or the Chinese doc; you don't have to (but it's highly recommended if you can) write documentation in both languages.
  • In most cases, you don't need to think about the navigation menu which is the table of content of the whole doc website. But If you need to customize the navigation menu, you can refer to Setting up Navigation.

Setting up Navigation

If you want to customize the navigation menu, you can update nav: section in mkdocs.yaml. We support wildcards and subdirectory cross-link. For example:

  - DTM Commands Explained in Depth:
    - commands/autocomplete*.md
    - commands/*.md
  - Plugins:
    - plugins/plugins-list*.md
    - plugins/*.md
  - Best Practices: best-practices/
  - 'contributing_guide*.md'
  - 'contributor_ladder*.md'
  • Normally, 'contributing_guide*.md' will be expanded to '' and ''
  • If you create documentation in the commands/, plugins/, and best-practices/ directories, you will not need to update the nav.

If you want to know more about the configuration of navigation, please refer to Configure Pages and Navigation and Literate Nav Syntax

Review Your Change Locally


# at the root of the repo
pip3 install -r docs/requirements.txt
mkdocs serve

Review your changes before submitting a PR.