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1 Tools

DevStream treats everything as a concept named Tool:

  • Each Tool corresponds to a DevStream plugin, which can either install, configure, or integrate some DevOps tools.
  • Each Tool has its Name, InstanceID, and Options.
  • Each Tool can have its dependencies, specified by the dependsOn keyword.

The dependency dependsOn is an array of strings, each element being a dependency.

Each dependency is named in the format of "TOOL_NAME.INSTANCE_ID".

2 Configuration

Define your needed tools in DevStream config:

  • tools is a list of tool.
  • Each element in the list defines a DevOps tool (managed by a DevStream plugin), with the following key/values:.
    • name: a string without underscore, corresponds to the name of the plugin.
    • instanceID: unique instance ID of a tool.
    • Multiple tools defined with the same name or instanceID are allowd, but name + instanceID must be unique.
  • Each plugin has an optional setting options, and the options for each plugin is different. See the list of plugins for more details.
  • Each plugin has an optional setting dependsOn which defines the dependencies of this plugin. E.g., if A depends on B and C, then dtm will only execute A after B and C.

An example of tools config:

- name: repo-scaffolding
  instanceID: golang-github
      owner: [[ githubUsername ]]
      name: [[ repoName ]]
      branch: [[ defaultBranch ]]
      scmType: github
      ImageRepo: "[[ dockerhubUsername ]]/[[ repoName ]]"
      org: devstream-io
      name: dtm-scaffolding-golang
      scmType: github
      token: [[ env GITHUB_TOKEN ]]
- name: jira
  instanceID: default
  dependsOn: [ "repo-scaffolding.golang-github" ]
      owner: [[ githubUsername ]]
      name: [[ repoName ]]
      scmType: github
      branch: main
      projectKey: zzz
      token: [[ env JIRA_TOKEN ]]

[[ githubUsername ]], [[ repoName ]] (and other variables inside the double brackets) are global variables which are defined in the vars section of the config.