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Install Artifactory with DevStream

InstanceID Prefix

The instanceID prefix must be artifactory, the minimum tools configuration example:

- name: helm-installer
  instanceID: artifactory

Default Configs

key default value description
chart.chartPath "" local chart path
chart.chartName jfrog/artifactory chart name
chart.timeout 10m this config will wait 10 minutes to deploy
chart.releaseName artifactory helm release name
chart.upgradeCRDs true default update CRD config
chart.wait true whether to wait until installation is complete
chart.namespace artifactory namespace where helm to deploy
repo.url offical helm repo address jfrog helm repo name

Test/Local Dev Environment

If you want to test the plugin locally, The following valuesYaml configuration can be used

valuesYaml: |
      type: NodePort
    nodePort: 30002
    enabled: false

In this configuration

  • Postgresql dependencies are automatically created.
  • local disks on machines in the cluster are defaulted used for data mounting.
  • Using nodePort to expose service, You can access artifactory by domain http://{{k8s node IP}}:30002. The default account name and password are admin/password (please replace the default account password in the production environment).

Production Environment

External Storage

  • PostgreSQL: Set the database.url to Postgresql's address. More info can be found in Config.

Disk Storage

You can set customVolumes and customVolumeMounts for this service. More info can be found in Config.

Network Config

This plugin support Ingress, ClusterIP, NodePort and LoadBalancer , You can give choice to your needs.