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dtm init

dtm releases plugins to an AWS S3 bucket.

When running dtm init, it will download plugins from the AWS S3 bucket(through Cloudflare CDN.)

There are two ways to download plugins:

  1. from config file: download plugins according to tools and apps in the config
  2. from command line: download plugins according to the command line arguments

Downloading Plugins from Config File

In this way, dtm init will download the required plugins according to tools and apps in the config.

command: dtm init -f <config file/config dir>.

You can put all the configuration in one file, or you can spread it out into multiple files in the same directory with yaml or yaml as a suffix.

For config file, tools and apps, see the config section of this documentation.

Downloading Plugins from Command Line

This can be used to pre-download the plugin to use dtm in an offline environment.


  • download specify plugins. e.g. dtm init --download-only --plugins="repo-scaffolding, github-actions" -d=.devstream/plugins
  • download all plugins. e.g. dtm init --download-only --all -d=.devstream/plugins

Init Logic

  • Based on the config file and the tool file or command line flags, decide which plugins are required.
  • If the plugin exists locally and the version is correct, do nothing.
  • If the plugin is missing, download the plugin.
  • After downloading, dtm also downloads the md5 value of that plugin and compares them. If matched, succeed.


Short Long Default Description
-f --config-file "config.yaml" The config file to use
-d --plugin-dir "~/.devstream/plugins" The directory to store plugins
--download-only false Download plugins only, generally used for using dtm offline
-p --plugins "" Plugins to be downloaded, seperated with ",", should be used with --download-only
-a --all false Download all plugins, should be used with --download-only
--os OS of this machine The OS to download plugins for.
--arch Arch of this machine The architecture to download plugins for.