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trello-github-integ Plugin

This plugin creates a new GitHub Actions workflow(trello-github-integration) and uploads it to your GitHub repo.


This plugin depends on and can be used together with the trello plugin (see document here).

trello-github-integ plugin can also use trello plugin's outputs as input. See the example below:

  # name of the tool
  - name: trello-github-integ
    # id of the tool instance
    instanceID: default
    # format: name.instanceID; If specified, dtm will make sure the dependency is applied first before handling this tool.
    dependsOn: [ "trello.default" ]
    # options for the plugin
      # the repo's owner. It should be case-sensitive here; strictly use your GitHub user name; please change the value below.
      # the repo where you'd like to setup GitHub Actions; please change the value below.
      # the repo's org. If you set this property, then the new repo will be created under the org you're given, and the "owner" setting above will be ignored.
      repo: YOUR_REPO_NAME
      # reference parameters come from dependency, their usage will be explained later
      boardId: ${{ trello.default.outputs.boardId }}
      todoListId: ${{ trello.default.outputs.todoListId }}
      doingListId: ${{ trello.default.outputs.doingListId }}
      doneListId: ${{ trello.default.outputs.doneListId }}
      # main branch of the repo (to which branch the plugin will submit the workflows)
      branch: main

Replace the following from the config above:


In the example above:

  • We create a Trello board using trello plugin, and the board is marked to be used for repo YOUR_GITHUB_USERNAME/YOUR_REPO_NAME.
  • trello-github-integ plugin depends on trello plugin, because we use trello plugin's outputs as the input for the trello-github-integ plugin.

Pay attention to the ${{ xxx }} part in the example. ${{ TOOL_NAME.TOOL_INSTANCE_ID.outputs.var}} is the syntax for using an output.