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kube-prometheus Plugin

This plugin installs kube-prometheus in an existing Kubernetes cluster using the Helm chart.


  # name of the tool
  - name: kube-prometheus
    # id of the tool instance
    instanceID: default
    # format: name.instanceID; If specified, dtm will make sure the dependency is applied first before handling this tool.
    dependsOn: [ ]
    # options for the plugin
      # Helm repo information
        # name of the Helm repo
        name: prometheus-community
        # url of the Helm repo
      # Helm chart information
        # local path of the chart; if chartPath != "", and repo.url will be ignored. e.g. "foo.tgz", "./foo.tgz", "/tmp/foo.tgz"
        chartPath: ""
        # name of the chart
        chartName: prometheus-community/kube-prometheus-stack
        # release name of the chart
        releaseName: prometheus
        # k8s namespace where kube-prometheus will be installed
        namespace: prometheus
        # whether to wait for the release to be deployed or not
        wait: true
        # the time to wait for any individual Kubernetes operation (like Jobs for hooks). This defaults to 5m
        timeout: 5m
        # whether to perform a CRD upgrade during installation
        upgradeCRDs: true
        # custom configuration (Optional). You can refer to [kube-prometheus-stack values.yaml](
        valuesYaml: |
          namespaceOverride: "monitoring"

Default Configs

key default value description
chart.chartPath "" local chart path
chart.chartName prometheus-community/kube-prometheus-stack chart name
chart.timeout 5m this config will wait 5 minutes to deploy
chart.releaseName prometheus helm release name
chart.upgradeCRDs true default update CRD config
chart.wait true whether to wait until installation is complete
chart.namespace prometheus namespace where helm to deploy
repo.url helm official repo address prometheus-community helm repo name

Currently, except for valuesYaml and default configs, all the parameters in the example above are mandatory.